ChamberFest 2015 – Evening One (Fri. Apr. 10)

Müzewest Concerts were thrilled to present four stunning musicians from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the fantastic Mark Anderson, professor of piano at the University of British Columbia.

The musicians include:

Roger Cole, oboe
Sophie Dansereau, bassoon
David Haskins, horn
Jenny Jonquil, clarinet

We are excited about their collaboration because this evening will be a true gift to the audience. These are musicians are really looking forward to performing this music and performing in the chamber music context. These works are not commonly performed so we urge you to attend!

They will be performing the following works:
-Beethoven, Quintet for piano and winds in E-flat Major, op. 16
-Poulenc, Sonata for oboe and piano
-Mozart, Quintet for piano and winds in E-flat Major, K. 452

Tickets are available here:

Friday, April 10, 2015 – 19:30
West Point Grey United
Church – 4595 West 8th Avenue

IMG_8348.2mp IMG_8278.2mp IMG_8302.2mp IMG_8300.2mp IMG_8293.2mp IMG_8287.2mp IMG_8283.2mp IMG_8282.2mp IMG_8450.2mp IMG_8447.2mp IMG_8442.2mp IMG_8440.2mp IMG_8438.2mp IMG_8436.2mp

IMG_8396.2mp IMG_8394.2mp IMG_8386.2mp IMG_8383.2mp IMG_8381.2mp IMG_8372.2mp IMG_8370.2mp IMG_8367.2mp IMG_8366.2mp IMG_8350.2mp IMG_8348.2mp IMG_8344.2mp IMG_8335.2mp IMG_8330.2mp IMG_8327.2mp


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